Consumer Information

All products sold in retail stores are marked with a special barcode called a Universal Product Code (or UPC for short).

A UPC numbered barcode allows retailers to sell your product, as many will not even touch your product without one.

Our barcodes were issued by the legal source Product Code Council of Canada in 1996.

Our barcodes are legal worldwide.

These barcodes are a standard UPC-A  General use barcode and can be used in stores like Amazon, Home Depot and many other retail stores.They are applicable to all products except pharmaceuticals.

With lowpricebarcodes there are NO memberships, renewals, annual fees, setup charges or any other ongoing commitments. This results in a lower overall cost of ownership.

Your UPC barcode is guaranteed 100% unique and authentic. There is no danger of cross-over, duplication or expiration.

You own your UPC barcode. It is registered in your name and becomes your company’s asset. Your barcode can be re-used for future products once you have sold out or discontinued your current product.

We can supply UPC barcodes to companies located outside of Canada and the USA. Our UPC barcodes are valid worldwide.

Barcodes are emailed to you in high resolution JPEG format.

Every bar code purchased will come with a certificate of authenticity.




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